China to Raise Retirement Age to Offset Funding Shortfall  



 The current statutory retirement age in China is 60 years for male workers, 55 years for female cadres and 50 years for female workers. Cadre is a general term for civil servants working in the government, public institutions and state-owned enterprises. Labor regulations do not differentiate between male cadre and male workers.

Beijing did not specify a target retirement age. By comparison, the current retirement age in the U.S. is 66, although that depends on the year of birth. The global average was 62.7 years for men and 61.3 years for women, according to an analysis of 70 countries by insurer Allianz SE, reported Bloomberg

You of MOHRSS said that the retirement age was set in the early 1950s, when people were expected to live about four decades. In 2019, life expectancy in China was 77.3 years nationwide, with city dwellers expected to keep going past 80 years.

Author(s): Yang Ming

Publication Date: 17 March 2021

Publication Site: Voice of America News