COVID-19 Severity Prediction




The Yu Group at UC Berkeley Statistics / EECS / CCB is working to help forecast the severity of the epidemic for individual counties and hospitals in the US. We develop interpretable models (updated daily) and curate data to predict the trajectory of COVID-19-related deaths. This website provides access to those predictions, in the form of interactive visualizations. We are collaborating with Response4Life to blunt the effect of COVID-19 through the production and appropriate distribution of PPE, medical equipment, and medical personnel to healthcare facilities across the United States.

For hospital level prediction, please go to our hospitalization prediction page where one can upload data for a specific hospital and download prediction results for the given hospital. The uploaded data will only be temporarily used for prediction and will not be collected.GITHUB

Author(s): Yu Group, UC Berkeley Statistics / EECS / CCB

Accessed Date: 10 February 2021