Employers make the Canada Revenue Agency mistakes

Link: https://www.vaughantoday.ca/employers-make-the-canada-revenue-agency-mistakes/


The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) presented a spreadsheet of Canada Emergency Wage Support (CUSS) that was riddled with errors and cut some business subsidies in half.

To qualify for SSUC – which has so far helped nearly 400,000 companies with grants totaling $ 59 billion – employers must fill out “spreadsheets”: Excel spreadsheets that ARC has been offering on its website since March 15th.

However, the spreadsheet available to companies for payment periods from July 5 to August 29 contained several major errors until last Friday, nine days before the deadline for grant applications.


This mistake had the effect of drastically reducing support for businesses, but only for some owners and their families. It only exists in the French version of the spreadsheet.

Author: Alan Binder

Publication Date: 25 January 2021

Publication Site: Vaughan Today