About Actuarial News

Hello, new readers!

This is your friendly editor, Mary Pat Campbell aka meep. I keep a blog here: STUMP on Substack — I write about mortality trends, public pensions, and public finance over there.

Actuarial News is a site where I aggregate all sorts of links to other news pieces, blog posts, content, etc. that may be of interest to an actuarial (and actuarial-adjacent) audience. Insurance, pensions, risk, finance, data science, and more!

I will be using tags and categories to organize the material, so if you’re only interested in public pensions (for example), you can read only those posts. Categories will be large themes, and tags will be for more detailed items (key people, company names, website source, etc.)

The main email address for this site is info@actuarial.news, so if you have tips, please send them there!

If you prefer a video explainer: