Baltimore City FOP calls adjusted pension requirement ‘egregious privileged class move’



 While the City of Baltimore extended the Fire & Police Pension System from a 20-year retirement plan to a 25-year one, a Baltimore City Council committee advanced a bill on Thursday to allow city elected officials to receive pension after eight years, rather than 12 years.

Baltimore City FOP Tweeted Friday saying, “This is one of the most egregious privileged class moves against labor in the history of Baltimore City.”

Baltimore City FOP went on to say the City Council should either vacate this decision, or start the process of returning the Fire & Police Pension System back to 20 years.

Author(s): Emilie Kyler

Publication Date: 5 Nov 2022

Publication Site: Fox 45 News

Baltimore Budget Director describes city’s financial outlook amid pandemic as “ugly”



Christopher Summers, a public policy expert at the Maryland Public Policy Institute, says the pandemic only complicates financial matters for a city reeling from financial troubles long before the pandemic’s nearly one-year grip.

One example includes a study by the non-profit “Truth in Accounting” released in January last year. The study gave Baltimore a grade of “D,” saying the city fell $2 billion short of paying its bills.

At the time, former Mayor Jack Young called the city fiscally sound and said the study was wrong.

Author(s): Keith Daniels

Publication Date: 9 February 2021

Publication Site: Fox 5 News