He started a covid-19 vaccine company. Then he hosted a superspreader event.

Link: https://www.technologyreview.com/2021/02/13/1018374/peter-diamandis-covid-superspreader-a360-conference/


At least 20 people contracted covid-19 at an indoor, mostly unmasked gathering for wealthy executives hosted by Peter Diamandis, the Singularity University and XPrize Foundation cofounder.

At the time, a regional stay-at-home order made the gathering illegal. The outbreak wasn’t reported to authorities as required and rules on health data privacy may have been broken.

Diamandis is not sure how many people have tested positive, citing either 21 or 24 cases, not counting secondary infections.

Author(s): Eileen Guo

Publication Date: 13 February 2021

Publication Site: MIT Technology Review