Ranked: The U.S. Banks With the Most Uninsured Deposits

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Today, there is at least $7 trillion in uninsured bank deposits in America.

This dollar value is roughly three times that of Apple’s market capitalization, or about equal to 30% of U.S. GDP. Uninsured deposits are ones that exceed the $250,000 limit insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which was actually increased from $100,000 after the Global Financial Crisis. They account for roughly 40% of all bank deposits.

In the wake of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) fallout, we look at the 30 U.S. banks with the highest percentage of uninsured deposits, using data from S&P Global.

Author(s): Dorothy Neufeld, Sabrina Lam

Publication Date: 4 April 2023

Publication Site: Visual Capitalist

The Banking Sector Turmoil in Charts

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It has been a wild ride for banks. Silicon Valley Bank, which catered to venture capitalists and startups, collapsed March 10 after a run on deposits that was preceded by a plunging share price and a money-losing bond sale as the bank tried to raise capital. Two days later, Signature Bank SBNY -22.87%decrease; red down pointing triangle was closed by federal regulators following a run. Then, First Republic Bank FRC 29.47%increase; green up pointing triangle, at risk of a run as its share price plummeted, was flooded with cash in an extraordinary action by some of the largest U.S. banks—but its shares resumed their plunge a day later. 

Here is how some banks ended up in the market’s crosshairs.

Author(s): Nate Rattner, Alana Pipe

Publication Date: 18 Mar 2023

Publication Site: WSJ

The Silicon Valley Bank Bailout

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The Treasury and Federal Reserve stepped in late Sunday to contain the financial damage from Friday’s closure of Silicon Valley Bank, guaranteeing even uninsured deposits and offering loans to other banks so they don’t have to take losses on their fixed-income assets.

This is a de facto bailout of the banking system, even as regulators and Biden officials have been telling us that the economy is great and there was nothing to worry about. The unpleasant truth—which Washington will never admit—is that SVB’s failure is the bill coming due for years of monetary and regulatory mistakes.

Wall Street and Silicon Valley were in full panic over the weekend demanding that the Treasury and Fed intervene to save the day. It’s revealing to see who can keep a cool head in a crisis—and it wasn’t billionaire hedge-fund operator Bill Ackman or venture investor David Sacks, both frantic panic spreaders.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. closed SVB, and the cleanest solution would be for the agency to find a private buyer for the bank. This has been the first resort in most previous financial panics, and the FDIC was holding an auction that closed Sunday afternoon.


But there is political risk from a bailout too. If the Administration acts to guarantee deposits without Congressional approval, it will face legitimate legal questions. The White House may choose to jam House Speaker Kevin McCarthy if markets aren’t mollified. But Mr. McCarthy has a restive GOP caucus as it is, and a bailout for rich depositors will feed populist anger against Washington.

The critics have a point. For the second time in 15 years (excluding the brief Covid-caused panic), regulators will have encouraged a credit mania, and then failed to foresee the financial panic when the easy money stopped. Democrats and the press corps may try to pin the problem on bankers or the Trump Administration, but these are political diversions.

Author(s): WSJ Editorial Board

Publication Date: 12 Mar 2023

Publication Site: WSJ

Yellen Said “No Bailout” But It’s a Huge Bailout of the Banking System

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It won’t matter but I am pleased the Journal blasted Bill Ackman and venture investor David Sacks,  as “frantic panic spreaders“.

There’s more in the article about how Rohit Chopra, an Elizabeth Warren acolyte on the FDIC board, is hostile to bank mergers on ideological grounds, perhaps preventing a merger.

The Journal speculates how Biden might illegally act to guarantee all deposits or pressure House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.


Once again, the Fed kept interest rates too low, too long, encouraged speculation, then bailed out the banks.

Spare me the sap about this was a depositor bailout not a bank bailout. 

When you value assets at par so that banks don’t have losses, what the hell is it.

Author(s): Mike Shedlock

Publication Date: 12 Mar 2023

Publication Site: Mish Talk