Opinion: Stop laughing about GameStop’s stock mania — no, really

Link: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/stop-laughing-about-gamestops-stock-mania-no-really-11611760785


“I get that people think it’s funny when bad things happen to Wall Street types, but this GameStop GME, -44.29% thing is not a joke,” I tweeted. “These are stock traders conspiring to manipulate the markets in open view of us all and using the ‘nah, its for the lulz, and the other side sucks’ as an excuse.”


You may think it’s funny to value GameStop like it’s 2007 again and hurt some hedge funds in the process, but you might not think the next target is funny, nor the next, nor the next. You won’t laugh when you read the eventual feature about a teenager misplaying GameStop options on his dad’s account and costing them the house, or a first-time investor putting their savings into GameStop just before it all fell apart.

Author: Jeremy C. Owens

Publication Date: 27 January 2021

Publication Site: MarketWatch