417(e) Barometer

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The 417(e) segment rates for April, 2022 were just released and two takeaways:

  1. 50 basis point increase in one month indicates that lump sums being paid out of Defined Benefit plans will be greatly decreased in 2023 from 2022; and
  2. The economy is in a recession similar to 2008-9.

Author(s): John Bury

Publication Date: 24 May 2022

Publication Site: Burypensions

Chicago Boys’ Free-Market Pension Model Is Unraveling in Chile

Link: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-05-10/chicago-boys-free-market-pension-model-is-unraveling-in-chile?sref=htOHjx5Y



Chile’s privately run pension funds are in a battle for survival, reeling under the impact of billions of dollars of withdrawals as politicians and social movements attack a system once viewed as a model for the world.

Chileans have taken out more than $30 billion from their retirement savings in the past year and congress has authorized a third wave of withdrawals that could drive the figure to more than $50 billion. That would leave the pension funds with about $180 billion of equities and fixed-income assets. Many lawmakers are now calling for the whole system to be dismantled.


Created during the dictatorship of August Pinochet on the advice of free-market economists known as the Chicago Boys, the private pensions Chileans are required to fund are a bedrock of the country’s system. The savings they have generated over the past four decades have given local credit markets and the peso a stability that is the envy of serial defaulters such as Argentina or Ecuador, and prompted countries including Peru and Colombia to adopt similar structures. Yet, many complain that the funds have failed to provide decent pensions.

Distrust in the system, and a need for cash, meant Chileans rushed to pull money out of their savings accounts as the pandemic forced the government to shutter much of the economy.

Author(s): Eduardo Thomson

Publication Date: 10 May 2021

Publication Site: Bloomberg

Third withdrawal of 10: How will the mechanism for pensioners for annuities work?

Link: https://www.t13.cl/noticia/negocios/rentas-vitalicias-como-funcionara-retiro-dineros-como-solicitar-afp-tercer-retir-10-28-04-21

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[this relates to people in Chile being allowed to taking fairly large withdrawals from their official retirement savings]


This Monday, the application process will begin through digital platforms within the framework of the new 10% third withdrawal law.

As detailed by the Undersecretary of Social Welfare, Pedro Pizarro, the process will begin 100% online during the first two weeks of May, both for AFP users and for the nearly 700 thousand pensioners through the life annuity modality , who for the first time may request a cash advance.

In view of this process, the Financial Market Commission is preparing an instruction manual to regulate the unprecedented withdrawal of savings in the form of life annuities, which – they assure – will be published shortly (In this same note we will update the news of said instruction )

Publication Date: 2 May 2021

Publication Site: T13 in Chile