55% of Ontario’s nursing home workers opted for vaccine

Link: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/55-per-cent-ontario-long-term-care-workers-vaccinated-fears-remain-1.5928220


Despite the fact long-term care workers were the first in Ontario invited to get the COVID-19 vaccine last December, a little more than half of them have volunteered to get the shot.

As of this week, only 55,000 of 100,000 long-term care workers in Ontario have been inoculated, according to the province’s Ministry of Health.

Dr. Hugh Boyd, chair of the Ontario Medical Association’s section on long-term care and care of the elderly, said a lack of confidence in the vaccine and pervasive myths about the quick development and safety of the shot is at the root of the low numbers.

Author(s): Julie Ireton

Publication Date: 26 February 2021

Publication Site: CBC News

OMERS Reports First Annual Loss Since Financial Crisis

Link: https://www.ai-cio.com/news/omers-reports-first-annual-loss-since-financial-crisis/


Canada’s Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS) reported a 2.7% loss last year, well off its benchmark’s return of 6.9%. It’s the first time the pension fund has seen a loss since the financial crisis of 2008.

As a result, the fund’s total net assets declined to C$105 billion ($82.4 billion) from C$109 billion. The fund also reported three-, five-, 10-, and 20-year annualized returns of 3.7%, 6.5%, 6.7%, and 6.0%, respectively.

Author(s): Michael Katz

Publication Date: 1 March 2021

Publication Site: ai-CIO

Ontario Pension Has Worst Loss Since 2008 on Bad Covid Bets

Link: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-02-25/ontario-pension-has-worst-loss-since-2008-on-private-equity-hit


Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System, one of Canada’s largest pension funds, posted its worst result since the global financial crisis after suffering big losses in its private equity and real estate holdings.

The pension fund, known as Omers, lost 2.7% on its investments last year, pushing assets to C$105 billion ($84 billion). It’s the worst result since 2008, when it lost 15.3%.


The pension fund fell far short of its 6.9% return benchmark, and also trailed the average 10% increase of Canadian pension plans, as estimated by Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

Author(s): Paula Sambo

Publication Date: 25 February 2021

Publication Site: Bloomberg