Facebook International Man Of Mystery And GoFundMe Fraudster Disrupt $115 Billion Ohio Pension Forensic Investigation



Who is Facebook international man of mystery Robert Parkle and why is he advising Ohio Public Employees Retirement System stakeholders not to follow through with an expert forensic investigation of their state pension? Why did Kasandra Ward from Aurora, Colorado create a fraudulent OPERS Forensic Investigation GoFundMe page apparently to divert funds from the real project? Our nation’s public pensions have never been more precarious and there are powerful interests working hard to keep pension stakeholders in the dark.  

Earlier this year, a forensic investigation of the $90 billion-plus State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio commissioned by the Ohio Retired Teachers Association and performed by my firm, was completed. The damning preliminary findings were reported to Ohio legislators, regulators and law enforcement in a 100-plus page report entitled The High Cost of Secrecy.


In conclusion, I won’t speculate who may be seeking to derail the proposed forensic investigation of the $115 Billion Ohio Public Employees Retirement System on behalf of pension stakeholders, or why. One thing is for certain: One or more persons is seeking to disrupt the investigation into potential mismanagement and malfeasance at the massive pension.

Stakeholders in all 5 Ohio public pensions, including OPERS, should be alarmed and securities regulators and law enforcement ought to investigate any apparent violations of law through social media.

Author(s): Edward Siedle

Publication Date: 20 Dec 2021

Publication Site: Forbes

Investments post double-digit gains


Feb. 24, 2021 – The Ohio Public Employees Retirement System posted double-digit investment returns in 2020, topping our assumed return rate in both the Defined Benefit and Health Care funds.

The OPERS Defined Benefit Fund returned 12.02 percent last year, compared to the target return of 7.2 percent. The Health Care Fund increased by 10.96 percent, compared to the target return of 6.0 percent.

Four asset classes led the strong absolute returns: U.S. Equities, Non-U.S. Equities, Private Equity and Treasury Inflation Protected Securities, commonly referred to as TIPS. Other bonds also had a strong year, as core fixed income securities returned more than 9 percent, and U.S. Treasuries topped 8 percent for the year.

Author(s): Michael Pramik

Publication Date: 24 February 2021

Publication Site: Ohio Public Employees Retirement System