Average Annual Temperature for Select Countries and Global Scale

Link: https://github.com/resource-watch/blog-analysis/tree/master/req_016_facebook_average_surface_temperature


This file describes analysis that was done by the Resource Watch team for Facebook to be used to display increased temperatures for select countries in their newly launched Climate Science Information Center. The goal of this analysis is to calculate the average monthly and annual temperatures in numerous countries at the national and state/provincial level and globally from 1950 through 2020.

Check out the Climate Science Information Center (CSIC) for up to date information on climate data in your area from trusted sources. And go to Resource Watch to explore over 300 datasets covering topics from food, forests, water, oceans, cities, energy, climate, and society. This analysis was originally performed by Kristine Lister and was QC’d by Weiqi Zhou.

Author: Kristine Lister

Date Accessed: 12 Oct 2021

Location: github