Cities seek changes to disability pension laws as cops quit in droves




Calling the current situation “fiscally unsustainable,” Minnesota cities will seek help from the state in covering costs of the skyrocketing number of police officers retiring due to post-traumatic stress and seeking workers’ compensation benefits.

The League of Minnesota Cities plans to push again in the next legislative session for a bill that would fully reimburse cities for the cost of insurance for police officers and firefighters on disability pensions, according to Anne Finn, a lobbyist for the group.

The number of cops and firefighters applying for disability pensions from the state retirement fund has exploded since the police killing of George Floyd in May 2020 that touched off widespread protests, riots and arson.

Since August 2020, about 80% of disability pension applicants say they can’t do their jobs due to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Author(s): Deena Winter

Publication Date: 29 Nov 2021

Publication Site: Minnesota Reformer