Long-COVID – What Are the Long-term Effects of COVID-19?

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The COVID Symptom Study App provides a first overview of who is more likely to develop Long-COVID after an acute infection. More than four million users have described their post-COVID symptoms here.

The first published evaluation of slightly more than 4,000 participants showed that one in 22 COVID‑19 cases is still affected by Long-COVID symptoms eight weeks later; every 44th person maintains symptoms after four more weeks.66

Risk factors identified here are an increased BMI and higher age, although any age group can be affected. In the younger age group, the risk for women seems to be higher than for men. Since males have a higher risk of a severe acute COVID‑19 disease, this raises further questions about the underlying differences. For Long-COVID, there may be a connection with the fact that chronic fatigue syndrome occurs more often in women than in men.67 Asthma is another risk factor for Long-COVID. In general, the probability for Long-COVID increased with the number of symptoms in the first week.

Author(s): Dr. Katharina Dorn, Life/Health Associate Underwriter, Cologne

Publication Date: February 2021

Publication Site: Gen Re