Associations Between Governor Political Affiliation and COVID-19 Cases, Deaths, and Testing in the U.S.





Results: From March to early June, Republican-led states had lower COVID-19 incidence rates compared with Democratic-led states. On June 3, the association reversed, and Republican-led states had higher incidence (RR=1.10, 95% PI=1.01, 1.18). This trend persisted through early December. For death rates, Republican-led states had lower rates early in the pandemic, but higher rates from July 4 (RR=1.18, 95% PI=1.02, 1.31) through mid-December. Republican-led states had higher test positivity rates starting on May 30 (RR=1.70, 95% PI=1.66, 1.73) and lower testing rates by September 30 (RR=0.95, 95% PI=0.90, 0.98).

Author(s): Brian Neelon, PhD; Fedelis Mutiso, MS; Noel T. Mueller, PhD, MPH; John L. Pearce, PhD; Sara E. Benjamin-Neelon, PhD, JD, MPH

Publication Date: 9 March 2021

Publication Site: American Journal of Preventive Medicine