Goldman, Morgan Stanley Limit Losses With Fast Sale of Archegos Assets



The steep losses at Archegos come as a council of top U.S. regulators known as the Financial Stability Oversight Council is already scheduled to meet on Wednesday to discuss hedge-fund activity during the pandemic-triggered crisis. The meeting is the first for the risk council during the Biden administration, which has pledged to scrutinize financial weaknesses revealed by the pandemic-triggered market tumult from March 2020. The council is made up of the heads of the Treasury Department, Federal Reserve and other agencies.

Mr. Dweck, the consultant, pointed to a case that many on Wall Street are hearing echoes of this week: Long-Term Capital Management, a massive hedge fund that blew up in 1998. Firms learned the full extent of the hedge fund’s problems only when government officials summoned them to Long-Term’s offices to pore over its records, he said.

“The upshot is, you’re going to have stuff like this happen,” Mr. Dweck said.

Author(s): Maureen Farrell, Margot Patrick, Juliet Chung

Publication Date: 30 March 2021

Publication Site: Wall Street Journal