AstraZeneca to End Its US Corporate Pension Plan



AstraZeneca, a British–Swedish biopharmaceutical company responsible for developing one of the world’s most widely distributed COVID-19 vaccines, announced on January 25 that it will be transferring its pension assets to an insurance company.

“This is a common practice, achieved via a process known as ‘plan termination’ and ‘buy-out.’ This action does not impact any participant’s eligibility to receive the benefit earned under the pension plan,” AstraZeneca representatives wrote in a statement explaining the transition.

AstraZeneca’s US pension initially began struggling with its funded status in 2017, and the company made the decision to freeze benefit accruals that year. This move ended up making a significant difference, bringing funded status from 80% in 2017 up to 99.19% by the end of 2018. The plan currently has $1.3 billion in assets under management (AUM) and serves approximately 7,000 employees, according to its Form 5500.

Author(s): Anna Gordon

Publication Date: 7 Feb 2022

Publication Site: ai-CIO