Supplements: COVID-19; Racial and Ethnic Disparities: Chapter 13




Among beneficiaries with CKD, mortality during COVID-19 hospitalization was approximately 40% during the first wave of the pandemic but decreased thereafter, reaching an average of 18% from July to December (Figure 13.10).

During all of 2020, the incidence of in-hospital death during COVID-19 hospitalizations was 21.5% among older Medicare beneficiaries with CKD, 18.8% among beneficiaries undergoing dialysis, and 19.3% among beneficiaries with a kidney transplant.

Between epidemiologic week 13 of 2020 and epidemiologic week 8 of 2021, the number of prevalent dialysis patients fell from 567,303 to 555,264, an unprecedented decline of over 2% (Figure 13.11).

Among patients undergoing dialysis, mortality was consistently elevated, relative to recent historical norms, between epidemiologic week 12 of 2020 and week 10 of 2021. Among patients with a kidney transplant, excess mortality was persistent through the second quarter of 2021 (Figure 13.12a).

The cumulative number of deaths among dialysis patients in 2020 was 18% higher than in 2019, while the cumulative number of deaths among transplant patients in 2020 was 41% higher than in 2019 (Figure 13.12b).

Publication Date: accessed 9 Feb 2022

Publication Site: U.S. Renal Data System