Medicaid Enrollment and Unwinding Tracker – 11 Oct 2023




There is wide variation in disenrollment rates across reporting states, ranging from 66% in Texas to 11% in Illinois. Differences in who states are targeting with early renewals as well as differences in renewal policies and system capacity likely explain some of the variation in disenrollment rates. Some states (such as Texas and South Carolina) are initially targeting people early in the unwinding period that they think are no longer eligible or who did not respond to renewal requests during the pandemic, but other states are conducting renewals based on an individual’s renewal date. Additionally, some states have adopted several policies that promote continued coverage among those who remain eligible and have automated eligibility systems that can more easily and accurately process renewals while other states have adopted fewer of these policies and have more manually-driven systems.

Publication Date: last updated 11 Oct 2023

Publication Site: Kaiser Family Foundation