PREPA bond parties make offer and file suits



Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority bond parties that oppose the Oversight Board’s proposed debt deal filed suits challenging part of the deal, asked for compensation for Puerto Rico central government’s actions since March 2022 and proposed an alternate bond deal.

The parties filed the suits this weekend in the U.S. District Court for Puerto Rico and filed an informative motion Friday in the bankruptcy telling U.S. District Judge Laura Taylor Swain about their bond deal offer.

GoldenTree Asset Management and Syncora Guarantee sued Puerto Rico’s central government for actions taken since March 2022 to interfere with PREPA’s ability to pay bondholders. The court has yet to appoint a judge in that case.

The bond parties allege the commonwealth government has manipulated PREPA’s fiscal plans and budgets to deprive the bondholders of their claim on the authority’s revenues and depress the value of the bonds.

The board rejected former Oversight Board member Justin Peterson’s suggestion to use commonwealth financial surpluses for PREPA because the commonwealth didn’t owe the authority money.

Author(s): Robert Slavin

Publication Date: 13 Nov 2023

Publication Site: Fidelity Fixed Income/Bond Buyer