Rudy Giuliani says he regrets not having pension as he faces devastating $148m legal payout



Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said he regrets not taking a city pension now that he’s facing a $148m civil court payout for defaming a pair of Georgia election workers.

The former mayor has since filed for bankruptcy, according to the New York Post.

Empire Centre for Public Policy, a taxpayer watchdog group in New York, found no evidence of Mr Giuliani ever filing to receive a pension.

Had he applied, he would have been eligible for approximately $26,000 per year once he turned 62.

The former mayor would have an extra $442,000 in his coffers if he had applied for a pension.

When The New York Post asked him why he never took a pension, he suggested he was “giving back to the city I love.”

“Although I would like to take it now,” he added.

The former mayor then admitted that he also didn’t “know how to go about it.”

He also is not receiving a federal pension for the time he spent working as Manhattan’s US Attorney and for other government work he performed.


Publication Date: 1 Jan 2024

Publication Site: Independent UK via AOL