The Economist’s tracker for covid-19 excess deaths



This repository contains the data behind The Economist’s tracker for covid-19 excess deaths and the code that we have used to clean, analyse and present the numbers.


Our tracker uses data from a number of statistical bureaus, government departments and academic projects. For many of the countries, we have imported total_deaths from the Human Mortality Database, which collates detailed weekly breakdowns from official sources around the world. For other countries, you can find a full list of sources and links in a file called list_of_sources.csv, as well as spreadsheets in the /source-data/ folder.

For most countries, we have imported national figures on official covid deaths from a time series maintained by Johns Hopkins University and Our World In Data. For some countries, we have provided a regional breakdown of mortality. In these cases, we have imported regional covid_deaths from a variety of sources, including a Latin American time series maintained by Data Science Research Peru.

Date accessed: 25 February 2021

Publication Site: github