WordXLe: Wordle in Excel



If you play Wordle daily, or the French version LeMot, you might want to practice more often. For fun, I created an Excel version that you can download, WordXLe. It has sheets for both English and French versions. The dictionaries are:

English main (for validation) c.12000 words from the SOWPODS dictionary; for play c.1100 words.

Version française: principal c.8000 mots; https://github.com/hbenbel/French-Dictionary/blob/master/dictionary/dictionary.txt

Le jeu 1700 mots. https://www.freelang.com/dictionnaire/dic-francais.php
I removed all accents to simplify the game.

It uses Conditional Formatting for colouring, Data Validation to enforce some letter entry rules, no VBA macros, just formulas. The sheets are protected, but it’s easy to unhide things in Excel if you really want to so I’ll leave that as a challenge. 

Author(s): Patrick O’Beirne

Publication Date: 25 Jan 2022

Publication Site: sysmod