To Ease Pain at the Pump, Help People Avoid the Pump




I scanned and inventoried the policies proposed or implemented at the state level according to publicly available information in media outlets and found that bills to suspend gas taxes have been introduced in at least 20 states and bills to provide residents with tax rebates, credits, or stimulus payments have been introduced in at least 16 states. At least three states—California, Connecticut, and Hawaii—are considering policy solutions that offer alternatives to driving.

California’s governor is proposing, among other things, to make public transit free for three months and to make additional investments in pedestrian and biking infrastructure. Connecticut passed a bill that suspends public bus fares for as long as their excise tax on gas is suspended. And Hawaii’s legislators are proposing subsidizing nonmotorized vehicles.

Connecticut (part of the same bill that suspended bus fares), Georgia Florida and Maryland have already approved gas tax suspension policies, and Delaware Idaho Illinois , and New Mexico have approved policies that provide tax rebates or credits.

Author(s): Jorge González-Hermoso

Publication Date: 18 April 2022

Publication Site: Urban Institute